Wednesday, June 29, 2011

RipCor Blog Contest Updates

Yes, I said it--"updates." I have concocted a second contest to run concurrently with the BlogRod, and it should be a really good one. First, though, let me update everyone on rod contest.

BlogRod Contest
While 7wt isn't exactly running away with the votes, it is in the lead ahead of 5wt. I have to say that I'm a little surprised; I thought I'd be building a 3wt for sure. It's all the same to me, and building heavier rods is, to be honest, a little easier than skinny stuff.

I've already got a list of three blanks that fit the profile, and I think just about anyone would be please with each one. The exact blank, though, is up to all you voters. After this voting cycle ends, I'll post on the blank options with personal reviews and information about each one.

I realize that this voting cycle has been long, and I appreciate everyone's patience with it. I made it long so that I would have time to devote to a few other things baby-related, like finishing a nursery for my son who is officially now overdue. The rest of the cycles voting on each option (blank, seat, grip, guides and wraps) will be shorter. They'll be just long enough for me to complete them and post pictures of progress before the next cycle begins. So...things will be picking up speed very soon.

Second Contest
I have decided to do another contest that relates to conservation of your own local water. This will be starting in the next two weeks or so and run for a full 30 days, with two giveaways at the end. Here are the basic details:

  • To be entered in the contest, you must send me 5 flies of your choice. If you tie your own, that's great--send me 5 of your favorite patters; if you don't tie, just grab 5 of your favorites from wherever you buy them and send those. Any 5, it doesn't really matter.
  • There will be two winners
  • The contest will consist of who can collect the most pounds of garbage/trash from their local water. This is an open-ended deal--you can collect from as many places as you want around you, but you have to send photos of your trash and be able to weigh it (hand scale, bathroom scale, whatever). As we go through the contest, as I get photos and weights of trash collected by contestants, I'll keep a posted, running tab going. That should keep the competition alive, nervous and stressful enough to make everyone collect MORE! The bottom line is, the person who collects the most pounds of trash by the end of the contest wins.
  • Since not everyone has the time to devote to collecting trash for hours a day, and since some are blessed with unusually clean waterways, I've made this a two-headed contest. The one winner, described above, will be meritorious. The second winner will be randomly selected. Since everyone is doing their part to clean up their water, this allows everyone to equally have a chance at winning something.
  • The prizes will be two divided lots of the flies everyone sends in. So if 10 people send in flies, the two winners will get 25 flies each. If there are 40 contestants, each winner will get 100 flies each. Not a bad haul for just picking up trash! It's an especially good deal when you consider the long and short-term benefits to the wildlife and other people who enjoy that water. I think anyone will be able to take pride in actively participating in a real conservation effort on their home water(s).
  • The dates for this contest are July 15 through August 15. That means that any trash collected during those dates officially counts for the contest.
  • For this contest I'd appreciate if you'd "Follow" the blog officially (which will help you keep tuned to updates about the contest).
  • To enter, send an email with your name, address (in case you win!), email address and blog/website to and I will give you the address for fly mailing.

More details to follow!!

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