Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Goal of Eight

I believe I've mentioned before and directly to many that I've set a goal of fishing each of the eight healthy stream systems that exist in Jefferson, St. Louis and St. Charles counties. I have had a difficult time tracking down the name of each, but this morning I succeeded in completing the list. They are as follows:

Dardenne Creek
LaBarque Creek
Fox Creek
Plattin Creek
Femme Osage Creek
Joachim Creek
Peruque Creek
Big River

My joy at finishing the list was mitigated by the last entry: the Big River. Chris and I have fished it a number of times and I have gone solo once or twice. I have fished on two sections...and have been unsuccessful in every attempt. Since my goal is not only to fish in each of these streams but also to catch something with gills out of them...this may prove to be one of the most challenging bits of my goal. Others speak of a huge SM and LM Bass population and great fishing, but I have yet to have any of that "great fishing" on the end of my Finesse 3wt.

I have another day off tomorrow (one of the perks of retail management...the only perk really) and I'll map out and travel to another of these creeks.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

LaBarque Creek

I have set a goal for myself to fish (and catch fish in) all 8 of the "healthy stream systems" in Jefferson, St. Louis and St. Charles counties. Yes, there are only eight! With all the creeks and watersheds, eight is a very low number. I have already fished and caught in Dardenne Creek in St. Charles Co., and successfully caught Spotted Bass and Green sunfish there. This, however, is LaBarque creek in northern Jefferson county (#2 meth-producing county in the country!). I had a GREAT time down there (not because of meth, though...the fish!)

I met a group of MDC workers who were electrofishing the creek; they noted that the stretch in LaBarque C.A. is the smaller headwaters. If I were to get to better, bigger fishing, I should go to Young C.A., they said--they were right. I caught 2 5-6" Creek Chub at the first stretch before moving to Young. I could already cross off this creek from my list, successfully having caught at least some fish.

At Young, I found a promising looking pond on the way to the creek access. I fished it for 15 mins or so before getting nothing, giving up and moving to the moving water. I worked downstream for a few hours catching a wide range of fish (largemouth and smallmouth bass, green sunfish, longears, creek chub, and even a nice size Striped Shiner). I saw lots of crayfish and bedding activity. I can attest that this is a very healthy stream. I used a slow-sinking spider a bit as well as a #16 beadhead pheasant tail, but mostly I used a small nymph and orange and a black brimkillers.

After coming back up stream, I thought Id give the pond another go with the orange brimkiller I had on already. A few casts in and my line stopped; assuming I was stuck I repositioned myself and pulled again--this time it move away and down. Fish on! A short but intense battle insued (I had a 5X tippet on, my go-to all-around size that I always start with) and then I pulled up the 9" spawning male BG. It is the biggest BG to date that I caught, and I was shaking so hard I had to brace the camera on my knee to photo it. It weighed well over a pound, and gave a Bass-like splash and run when returned to the water. What a fish!

Go to Picasa for the full album (6 29 Fishing):

First Post -- Welcome!

I realize that most of you readers will be readers of my wife's and my blog "We Three Kings," and so it may seem odd to have yet another blog from the Kings. Well, this is just my blog and just for fishing. A few of my buddies have done similar things and so I'm following in the footsteps of better fisherman. Read, look, enjoy!