Thursday, April 21, 2011

Contest Coming

To say thanks to those who already follow and to encourage more, I've all but decided to do a "Blog Cabin" sort of rod build and contest. I haven't worked out the exact details yet, but the basic works will be options for the rod build that readers will vote on via poll.

At the end of the build, I'll use a number generator to draw one voter as the winner who will get the rod.

I'm thinking I'll start this at 35 followers--realistic and hopefully soon enough to not forget about it.


  1. Will
    What a great way to get your rods out to the fishermen. Custom rods are hard to beat,because one can becomes part of the rod they are using.

  2. Good to find another fellow Missouri fly fisher and blogger. I see that you have a McCloud listed on your Species caught. Tells me you've been to Crane Creek.When were you there? Love fishing there! I'll be following and I posted a link to your site on my blog.

  3. Thanks for the support fellas. I do really think this is gonna be cool. I love designing rod schemes and putting themes together--can't wait to see what the blogosphere puts together for me to finish up. 27 followers...getting there quicker than I thought! ...need to start lining up some blanks!

    Kevin, I've been to Crane once and was impressed. I'll link you up for sure--thanks for the link!

  4. Awesome idea, I need to do something like this, you have a bunch of followers!

  5. I added your site to my blog as well under favorites...