Friday, June 24, 2011

Fishing Updates

I'm still hunting trash and I think I found the honey hole for it. ...real trash, not the finned sort that I was really after. It gets pretty frustrating by the end of each summer seeing all the fisherman-brought trash that the wildlife have to live with afterward. I've lost count of how many baseballs, softballs, tennis balls and every other sort of ball I've seen washed up at my closest carp spot. Very disappointing.

My buddy Chris and I tore off after some little known, little visited and little fished water we found via Google Earth. It's accessed by a gravel road up the side of a bluff right off the interstate. Pretty wild to just rip right off the highway and up a hill.

We were rewarded with a really promising-looking bit of water--a quarry lake of unknown depth and unknown inhabitants. Very exciting. We were hoping for a structure-laden bluegill pond, but this was interesting in its own way.

In the hour or two we spent there, we saw gar, carp, bluegill and green sunfish. I can only imagine what else calls this home. I have a feeling some very large fish swim in here.... I cast to a single carp almost the entire time while Chris was hooking up with 'gills and a 24" gar.

I couldn't help but to appreciate the secludedness of the place, even though it was really close to the highway. It seemed like a little harbor of wildness amidst a world that didn't care to notice. I'll go back, I just don't know when. (There are a LOT of ticks out there, a lot even by my standards!).


  1. Nice post , it's always fun to find a new piece of water to explore. Sounds like that one has some definite possibilities. The trash thing sucks! When will we learn??

  2. Guys be careful with the tick factor, the news reported the other night about a rare tick in the Northeast that can cause death, if it is not taken care of right after the bite. The trash makes me sick, I have notice more trash on our lake this year than normal.