Sunday, June 26, 2011

Two quick Sunday Notes

I have been getting a hankerin' (that's a technical term in these parts) to do some "real" photography out on the water. With the arrival of my first child now imminent, I was given the order by Mrs. Corridor to get "some good shots of the baby" in the hospital. That meant setting aside my Sony Cybershot that I use for fishing and hauling out the big guns--an RB67. For you digitites, this will shoot at the equivalent of 100+ megapixels. That is some quality.

So, having gotten out the RB and gone over it fairly well, it's renewed my fever to get it out on some water for fishing duty. Obviously with a camera this size, cost, etc. I won't be shoulder-slinging it and wading with all my damn fly gear. My plan is to just get some good fish-catchers and follow them around. Any volunteers?

On another, though still fishing, note, there is a second contest in the works. This one will run along side the BlogRod and rely on reader's work in their local waterways. I won't give too many details yet, but keep an eye on the blog and the Facebook page for details. This one will be fun!


  1. Wil K
    We could make this happen.
    Maybe meet up at Montauk and get some pictures down in the blue ribbon section. Not that I'm particularly photogenic or guaranted to catch a fish but maybe my buddy Jeff could be talked into coming along. I'll just carry the extra rods in case he breaks another one.

  2. Kevin, any chance I can go to Montauk's Blue water I'm game. I consider that my backyard water, and is probably what I'd say my favorite water is. I have a love-hate relationship with it, so it's akin to a "real" relationship. :)

    I don't like the sound of all this rod breaking, but as a builder I'm always up to build replacements! ha!