Sunday, June 5, 2011

Finally, a Carp!

I wasn't the only fish-stalker out that day sight-fishing.

My first carp came at the peak of the Cicada hatch, and NOT on a Cicada fly. I noticed that while they were going for the 'cada flies, they were not getting hooked up; so I tied on a small #12 hopper pattern and made it act like a Cicada. I spotted this ghost about 40' out, made a single cast, and no more than a second after dropping it on its nose....VOOMPH! A ten minute battle on bringing it in and running back out ensued before it was in my net and ready for photos.

I'm not going to go all roughfisher, but I did really enjoy this fish. A fun and surprisingly technical diversion from Browns. I have a feeling these are going to get a LOT harder to catch after these 'cadas disappear. Fun morning!


  1. That appears to be a Grass Carp which I'm pretty sure are even more difficult than Common Carp. Great catch!

  2. I hooked my first Carp this weekend as well but it managed to spit the hook back at me before I could get it in. More luck than skill I think but it definatly made me want to get another on the end of my line. The initial run was crazy!!!

  3. Jay, you're right. They are a difficult catch on the fly, and one I'm thankful for because of that. An argument could be made that Common are more difficult since they primarily feed on the bottom, though. Either way, fun fish.

    Kevin, I can't count how many times that happened to me this past week. Keep swinging and you'll eventually get one. If you got one on...another is just a matter of time. And yes oh my yes are they good runners.

  4. Yep, that's a grass carp as mentioned. Congrats! Most of the time the only way to catch these guys is to wait until right after the grass is mowed and then throw out some trimmed green deer hair.