Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fish on the Brain, Technology...not

I dramatically underestimated the complexity of mobile-use of my favorite social network--good ole Facebook. I regularly update my status via my phone, and get updates/comments/whatever else notifications on that phone. I updated twice yesterday afternoon following two momentous events.

After getting my second grass carp on the fly yesterday afternoon, I posted to the world immediately. A few minutes later, I got a notification on my phone telling me someone had commented on my status, "Can't wait to see him!" The frustration of having my camera miles away with my wife, I responded via text message, "The only photos were taken by the wide-eyed kid next to me. [My wife] had the camera."

I realized a moment later that the status comment I had just re-commented on wasn't the one about my carp, but about my in-utero son. An hour earlier, I had posted, "Ultrasound measures Trip to be 6lbs 6oz..."

I guess my mind defaults to fishing-mode. Ooops.


  1. Ha! I noticed that!! But I figured it out :)

  2. lol.. I have done that myself, well with myspace when I had one. Still have not broke down and made a facebook