Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BlogRod Update

So far I have nine votes in for opinions on what weight it ought to be. Now nine votes are great, but I'm up to 41 if you haven't voted yet (maybe you're coming late to the start of this), go ahead and let your voice be heard.

So far, the 5wt is winning out, but 7wt is close behind. I'm a little surprised, but with a lot of votes left to chime in, things could go any which way. Fun stuff. That being said, I've got some fun options for either a 5wt or 7wt big-gun.

Thanks for voting!


  1. I just voted. 7 wt is my favorite bass rod so it has my vote.

  2. Thanks, Jay. I throw an 8wt for salty stuff, and am building a 6wt now. I'm really amazed at the power of these bigger rods. Nice for pulling big lips from heavy cover quickly.