Monday, July 4, 2011

BlogRod Poll #2: Choose the Blank

Take note contestants! I've updated the poll now that you've voted and 7wt won out. Here are the basics about the blanks, but ask any questions you like and I'll get you the answer. The photos are purely for seeing what the blanks look like. I've built on all these, and the colors are accurate...if that matters to you. So here is the rundown:

Sevier F/W 7/8: A 2-piece, 9'0" blank that is high on durability, butt-power and good looks. A nice blank with a somewhat progressive feel with what I'd call a fast moderate action. It's IM6 43 million modulus graphite and a nice deep brown/amber color. These are the "Tiger Eye" blanks you may have heard about. I'm going with the 7/8 rather than the 6/7 to speed up the rod a bit since I'm guessing people won't be tossing #24 midges with it; line it with Rio Gold and it's a winner. A great all-around rod.

Batson "Rainshadow" RX6: A 2-piece, 9'0" blank that is a joy to cast and catch on. It's a true moderate action with progressive flex and moderate speed. It's IM6 33 million modulus graphite on a 'glass scrim (i.e. it's really, really strong) and is a deep blue color. This would be the perfect rod for throwing leadeyes or really heavy streamers in close; it'll load tight and cushion the shock of the fly with short line out.

Fly Logic FLP+: A 2-piece, 9'0" blank that is the fastest of the bunch, but still forgiving. It's solidly in the moderate-fast category. The blank is a matte grey-black and is dual-rated for 6/7. It'll be slower with 7 and a bit faster with 6; you choose. This would be the blank of choice for distance work where a balance between durability and sensitivity needs to be struck.

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