Monday, August 23, 2010


I just returned from the surf, and I have a positive report. I finally started landing all the fish I was hooking up with. It turns out that these fish, while not huge, are strong enough to snap a 2x tippet in a run...horsing them in on a 3 wt is not possible. After I started playing them out a bit (even had one on the reel) I had success at bringing them to hand. I would've taken more photos, but I was pretty far out and didn't want to drop the damn camera in the water. I caught Ladyfish after Ladyfish, more than I remember. I lost about a third, but landed lots. I learned to tire them out just a bit and pounce on them for landing--that was, Im sure, quite a sight from shore.

The jumping and aerobatics of the Ladyfish are incredible, like Tarpon on a small scale. Having one run in, jump a few feet in the air just a few feet from you is one of the most incredible fishing experiences I've ever had. The water is gorgeous, the fish are amazing...and I'm catching them!

I fished from sandbanks 50' or so out that gave me much better visibility and options for casting.

My first Ladyfish on the 3wt, and my first ever salt fish!

I am in love with these "girls." I know they're everywhere, supposedly easy to catch, and whatever else. But I don't care--they're awesome on a 3wt.

I have no idea what this is, but its my second salt species. I am amazed at how shiny everything in the surf is. I felt like I was catching broken mirrors.


  1. I think it's a minner.

  2. Leatherjackets! Got a positive ID on 'em now--Oligoplites saurus.

    Or...a minner.