Sunday, August 22, 2010

Getting closer....

Well, I just returned from another go at the surf. This morning I had the 8wt out and flat wore myself out casting that! The wind is nearly constant 20mph from the right...not ideal for 60' casts. I gave up for a bit this morning, but as Cheryl and I were out swimming, a spincaster came along and drew me back out.

I took the 3wt out this time and really enjoyed it. The Salt Shaker did its thing and was much easier to cast on the baby-3 than the Crazy Charlie. I had 6 fish on, all solid and all ridiculously strong. The first came up, jumped shaking violently, and spit the hook. Its mouth was gaped open and I could've easily put my whole fist in. Big fish...especially for a 3wt. I finally came in for lunch after losing my Shaker on a mackerel. I had 4x tippet on--mistake. I'll be going straight back out after I eat my lunch, and Ill be taking the 8wt with 2x.

Gonna' get 'em.

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