Sunday, August 29, 2010

Montauk Salvation

Returning from saltwater fishing, a beach house and the beach would have been devastating at best had it not been for a pre-planned trip with the boys to Montauk for some coldwater trout. Here are a few photos from the day of salvation....

My first 'bow of the day on a borrowed rod. Both mine are in the shop, so Chris lent me his: am 8'6" Reddington CT. What a great rod! I described it as casting with butter, super-smooth and roll casts almost automatically. Another item of Chris' that I'm jealous of!

Ron did really well and pulled up a hog from the C&R area.

Ronnie caught this little bow and while it doesn't show up in the photo well at all, but this was a gorgeous little guy. Very bright colors and charcoal stripes covered its body; gotta love the tiddlers!


  1. What is a "tiddler"?

  2. Dang you caught me. A "tiddler", according to Geirach is a term in Maine for a small fish. Sorry, but I love throwing words like that around. Plus, it sounds more endearing than "dink."

  3. I take it this is not Montauk, L.I.? Or else I would have to kill you for coming so close to Brooklyn and not calling me.