Sunday, August 22, 2010

Recent Activities

I know I haven't been posting as regularly as I like, or as much as I wish others would update their photoblogs. Since I have access to the interwebs here briefly, I thought I'd swim against the current of being too busy and get some new stuff up.

Chris and I headed out to Little Dixie CA one day a week or so ago in search of the elusive, Missouri 10"+ BG. While we didn't knock the fish out of the water by any means, we did have an encouraging reconnaisance report on carp. Apparently, from what we saw, the lake is full of them. We saw multiple carp in every cove we entered, and they were all very large. This particular carp was spotted when it was half out of the water, tailing high but lazily. By the time I got the camera, he was on the move again. Sorry.

After running the motor battery completely dead and barely making it back to dock, we decided to go on the hunt for a particular spot on the Big River. Among the numerous debaucles that plagued us at that day (Little Dixie: leaky boats, storms, maggots, heat, poor fishing, etc....) was a complete inability for us to remember where exactly the spot on the Big was. We visited 3 access points, each less correct than the one before. We finally gave up, but returned a few days later to the correct spot. We were able to fish it in the afternoon/eve, wet wading down the river.

There was something deeply satisfying about having finally found the spot. The fishing was minor, and we certainly didn't get into any smallie action, but it was a victory nevertheless. We met some odd foreigners who, being foreign--we thing--never spoke a word to us. They were fishing, and since every fishermen speaks something to every other fishermen he passes...we were surprised, alarmed, suspicious and slightly offended when they repeatedly spurned our "hellos" and "any goods?" A near toothless man who was equally as odd but far less foreign tipped us off to a hot spot very near by: "It's right over there behind those rocks; the water's about 40 degrees and there are bass all in there." I asked if they ate corn, which is my new debunking question, and he responded, "Oh I'm sure they do!" We visited it, and while the water was definitely cool and spring-fed, it was north of the 40 degree mark...far north.

Hard to believe this is in Missouri, and darn near St. Louis. Scenes like this made the epic effort and its relocation well worth the strains.

Much to the amazement of my co-workers, friends, and family, I took a half-day trip to Maramec Springs one day last week. I came up with the "brilliant idea" that would wildly benefit my bosses of me working a split-shift one day. That meant I would work 6-10am and again at 5-10pm. Sound awful? No way! To me that was an opportunity to go trout fishing mid-day after the crowds dissipated. I had very good success for Mara on the fly--one solidly hooked, but eventually spit. One trout "caught" at Mara is a miracle worthy of induction into some low-level hall of fame. I didn't even use a globug to do it! After the fishing got...completely dead, I spend the rest of my time there rooting through the stream bed.

I found these two caddis larvae almost immediately. I spotted one caddis adult being taken in the surface film earlier, but didn't make too much of it until I began seeing the larvae population. I'll be fishing some other patters next time down.

The best fishing trips always either start at or somehow involve a Dunkin Donuts. We'll see how it works on the current trip. I'll need all my Munchkin power.

My new Konic 3.5 on an old glass 8'/8wt Daiwa is in view here, in front of my faithful 3wt setup. The flies are suggestive of being deeply out of my element and high in hopes of needing that 8wt. Reports to follow.

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