Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Wednesday--and day #31--had me at Montauk on the Current River. Ronnie and I were once again in search of some trout we could convince to attach themselves to the end of our fly tackle. After three failed attempts, mostly involving the beautiful, but ultimately futile, waters of Maramec Springs (and one myth about corn-eating trout near Steelville). This time the luck gods favored us over the trout.

This is the first trout Ive ever caught. This is also the first trout caught on my flyrod. It was time.

While this one was taken on a dry cranefly, most of Ronnies and about half of mine were on Globugs.

Globugs are completely non-descript nothings that imitate nothing (besides possibly a salmon egg) and for some reason, a few of the trout love them. Their brains are about the size of a pea, but I still expected slightly more intelligent behavior from such a noble creature. I'm relieved to say that the other half of my fish fell to naturals: cranes and czech nymphs.

Ronnie did well and had some really large fish on the line.

I didn't catch huge fish, or all that many. I lost a few flies and almost an entire box at once. I stepped right on a Cottonmouth; he sure was upset about that. It was a 14+ hour day to get these trout...and totally worth it. I'm officially a trout-guy now. (I'll still be a dedicated BG bum, though.) I'm one happy bum.

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