Thursday, July 15, 2010


I've hatched the idea to plan a trip to the northeast to visit a great friend that left STL after he graduated in 2009. I've heard stories from him about the backcountry where he lives, the hiking there, and--of course--the streams and fishing. I am trying to get some photos from him, but this one is what I imagine it to be and is in that area (I think). Needless to say, just the thought of fishing a stream like this with a friend like Joe (and Chris if he can come too) gets me beyond excited. Fly fishing in the best of places should only rarely be done alone. All I can say is that as I fall asleep at night, I try to make myself dream of fishing in western New York in a stream like this...catching brook trout and pretending there aren't 1000 miles in between a best friend's house and mine.

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