Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Days 5-9

While the contest is over and I am two 'nators heavier today, I'm still goin'. My goal is still to fish 30 consecutive days; I just got back from day 9. Here are some fish from the past few days:

I pulled up this pretty Spotted Bass out of a place he shouldn't have been. He seemed pissed off to be so far from a stream.

I keep getting into large BG, especially from one pond. Anyone who doesn't respect these fish as genuine sportfish is...inexperienced.

Hopper season is coming!

That is 9" of pure fight I'm holding.

This fella' was so fat I really had a difficult time getting a good hold on him to unhook. I love seeing well-fed BG!

9"+ BG on a 3wt in front of storms on a small pond--now that is life.

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