Sunday, July 11, 2010

More on the Eight Streams

I just found a better summary of the waters I'm slowly checking off the list. Go to this link at the MDC page and read the information there. From a conservation point of view, this is crucial information that, I think, the vast majority of St. Louisans are NOT aware of...and may never be. Unfortunately, people who don't get down into these streams don't pay any attention to them; some may only consider them when they flood. The mindset that creeks, streams and tribs are just exposed plumbing for drainage (incl. sewage) really needs to be set right.

Looking at the small watershed map, the interesting thing is that there are two very distinctive groups of streams. I've had the pleasure and privilege of seeing the distinction on the ground with my feet wet, but for those that haven't--look at my photos and follow my posts on these creeks. After that, you really need to get out there and see things first hand. It may change your perspective and awareness on STL fishing and overlooked conservation opportunities.

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