Thursday, July 22, 2010

Days 10 - 11

I am still fishing away like a total bum, ignoring the real responsibilities of life and falling further and further behind in....everything. In my hunt for 30 consecutive days fishing, Im now on day 11. The past few days I haven't taken many photos for whatever reason, but here are a few more to keep you all interested.

Day 10 was at Tilles Park again. I've been at this little lake too many times to count now and I'm growing a little tired of it. The fishing is horrible; there are too many kids; there are ignorant walkers who, without warning or pause, just somehow show up right behind me at the start of a backcast. Additionally, I see more and more dead fish washed up each time. They are new each time, and multiply in number and species. Im starting to wonder whether they are all just dying from trauma; I think something else is going on. Not good.

This particular day was a little fun, though. I was supposed to head out to Busch Wildlife CA, but some severe weather killed that longer trip. I decided I still had to go and ended up at Tilles just ahead of the storm. The skies turned a really eerie green, then black, then wet. It rained for a good half hour, but the really spectacular part was the lightning. It was a fireworks show out there! I had a great view from under the tallest tree around as I cast under an overhanging branch; I figured if I were to die, it might as well be casting.

My nerves kicked in for the first time when from across the lake I heard a passer-by inform some other fishermen (I wasn't the only lunatic) that a tornado was headed our way and they ought to turn on a radio. Spinning around to assess the incoming clouds, I saw what convinced me that there probably was a tornado coming. I put on my raincoat preparing for heavier rain...and kept casting. Again, if I'm going to die, why not fishing in a tornado? After the wind kicked up, the storm came overhead and I got into a good position to cast and to watch the sky. The fish woke up and I started catching BG on every cast. As soon as the storm blew over, the fishing and rain both died. I wrapped up and went home wet and smiling.

Day 11: I have no problem getting up at 5am for these. End of story.

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  1. That was pretty stupid of you - I wish I was there! I drove by Tilles right before it stormed and I had no idea you were there. Funny!