Monday, August 8, 2011


The Trash Contest is in full swing, but so is the heat. I'm hopeful that I'll be getting dozens more emails with photos like this soon as it cools off. I need to hear from a lot of people still that have emailed me for entry--you gotta pick up at least a can to be entered!! Get out there and eye some garbage--show it to me and get entered.

Peter C. collected this junk out of Oak Creek in Arizona. Pretty gnarly looking and happy it's out of the water! Great work, Peter!

This from Karli-Rae:Hi there! I would like to be entered in the trash contest! On Saturday, July 30th, my fiance and I were traveling through Iowa City and stopped to take a break and walk around the river there near the River Power Restaurant. Near the river we saw some trash and just started picking it up. In about an hour we picked up the trash shown in the picture.

Great idea and it reminds people that every little bit helps! (A random guy fishing there said to us, "You guys picking up....trash?" And we told him we were. Five minutes later he comes up to us with two HUGE snags of mono that he said he had seen earlier but hadn't thought to pick up since there wasn't a trash can nearby. So it's motivating other people to clean up trash as well!


P.S. I am making a pouting face in the picture because mono in the river makes me sad.

Great work, guys; keep it up! I wanna see more photos!


  1. That's great! I love that it was a spontaneous trash picking up effort!