Monday, August 15, 2011

Oak Creek in Arizona

Another contestant got in touch with me and immediately showed a real passion for a certain stream: Oak Creek in Northern Arizona. After a few emails back and forth, I asked him to share a little bit about why that stream means so much to him. Here is his reply to me:
I really love to fish oak creek because it is so beautiful. Red rock views, cool water, huge boulders to hide behind while casting. I have caught stocker rainbows and a few stream-bred browns. Usually less than eight inches but they're still fun to catch. I've done really well on bead head PT nymphs, plus I have never bought a fly, I have always tied my own stuff. I got into tying long before fishing because I inherited some supplies and a vise from an Uncle that passed away from a heart attack when I was a kid. My grandfather was also a fly fisherman.
Any stream that has beautiful Rainbows and certainly wild Browns would definitely be a stream high on my list, too. Pretty darn cool; thanks, Peter!

(I took the liberty of stealing some photos off Google Image, and I'm glad I did--this place is amazing. Look at those boulders!)

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