Sunday, August 21, 2011

Peter's Progress

I got an email from Peter C. a few days ago (ok, over a week ago...) that I haven't gotten around to posting and sharing his photos and efforts.  I have to say, this surprised me with how much he accomplished and how important it was.

There is, unfortunately, more in our drainages than just water.  Typically we think of "drainages" as basins which have naturally formed to carry water down and away, eventually into either an ocean or the atmosphere.  We have all seen that more "flows" through these basins than just water; I've seen countless tires, wheelbarrows, refrigerators, and other odd stuff.

To be fair, a lot of this is carried by flood waters (especially flash floods) as they tear through areas that aren't normally clear of debris; a lot of stuff is picked up and carried then.  We can't always blame a "dumper," but this means we have to be even more diligent about cleanup efforts since floods can and do introduce some really awful stuff (and in large quantities) into the waterways.  To That is almost certainly how this door came to be river-born.

From Peter: I went out yesterday and collected some more junk out of the river.  I found this gnarly door half-stuck in the mud on the bank.  Glad to have that thing out of there, rusted hardware and nails, and flaking paint (probably lead-based) so it's not leaching into the river.  Plus this whole bag of other stuff, cans, wrappers, etc.   
A lot of paint is missing from that door, but look at how much is still there--Peter kept every bit of that paint from leaching into the water and tainting it with lead.  Good work, Peter!!


  1. Good for Peter. If we all just took an armload every time we were on the water we'd lick this.

  2. Great job, Peter! And great job Will for inspiring people to get out there!

  3. Good job Pete! I'm with Howard a little every time you go out.