Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The *New* Website is Up!

The new website landing page is active and the link to the blog is on that page. 

I have been working feverishly, stumbling endlessly, and second-guessing myself at every turn.  I am not a web designer, and have a lot to learn!  I'm sure over the next few weeks and months that I'll change things around and make it more...better.

A few things to be aware of with the new site:

1. You should update your links if you have the chance, but I'll leave this post up for redirects.

2.  You will have to "re"-follow the site through Google Friend Connect, and I hope that you will.  
I hope you enjoy the new layout and features.  Come on over and leave a comment somewhere to let me know it's working!  Thank you to all my encouraging readers, helpers and really just everyone.

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