Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Life as a Stripper

I strip. I like stripping. Im a stripper, no doubt about it. I also
dead drift, jiggle and swing. That doesnt make me sound like a guy
youd find at church or someone you really trust or even like...unless
you too are a fisherman.

I find myself having to explain myself a lot, forgetting that everyone
I speak with doesnt spend at least 2-3 days a week in waders. The more
and longer Im throwing line, the harder it is getting to function
"normally" in the non-stream world.

Im not fishing right now; Im on a lunch break from my very non-fishing
job. But Im still thinking about it, talking about it, and planning
for it. There are such things as funtioning addicts, but Im not one.
Not anymore. I feel as suffocated and out of place when Im out of the
water as the fish I catch.

I fail more and more at understanding people who don't fish. They just
don't seem quite right to me, like something is missing about them or
a bit off. The irony is that I seem the same way to them.

The question Im most asked by "the normals" these days is: "How do you
go when its this cold?" I always answer: "Same as before--west on
I-44." I don't think that helps me fit in.

On the water, I am not explaining myself or apologizing for my
fish-life. Usually it's the other way around--I get to listen in on
the stream explaining its way of life to me and experience the way it
welcomes me to its repeating ritual of balancing upstream with down.

I have to go back to the country of Normal now, but Ill be thinking
about the riparian corridor that, I think, misses me as much as I miss


  1. Enjoyed reading and wanted to just add a thank you for sharing your thought process of life in the "normal world". Somehow, we survive until fishing happens again!

  2. Will
    First off nice post!!! I agree with you I think sometimes my gym buddies think I am a little off the wall about my fishing. We as fishermen have got to realize that everyone was not as fortunate as us to have a father or someone else to get us into to the sport. I am so thankful I was brought up to enjoy the outdoors and taught how to fish. I sometimes wonder what some of these individuals do everyday especially the retired guys. I have ask some of them that I am friends with at the gym about hobbies, most say they like to travel, read, or just hang out with friends; and that is o.k. for some but not me, I have to be active. Being active is on the water and chasing that elusive fish. I told my wife the other day that it is a shame that none of my brother-in-laws like to fish. When they visit we normally just sit around the house. All of them are retired so what do they do ------just hang out at the house, and that is about it. Again I so glad that I have this great sport as my hobby. Will I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  3. Very well said, my friend. I'm glad to be a stripper along with you, Earl, Bill and Mel. It's a comforting group for sure.