Friday, December 17, 2010

Ice Road Fisherman

I don't have much time today for a detailed report or in- depth stories, but I wanted to throw some photos up from Thursday's trip back to the Current. I hoped for some more Browns, but ended up catching nothing but Rainbows (what a bummer, right?). It was one of the good days of winter, and I left smiling and in a great mood.

There is a small population of wild rainbows that successfully reproduce in the stream, and these are always a pleasure and joy to catch. The difference between a wild and stocker is immediately recognizable in most fish, in both appearance and fight. Wildies...those're my drug of choice and completely dictate where I fish.

This male is in spawning colors and proved his bull status as I was unhooking him (see below). This is more than likely a stocker but could be a diluted wild (spots extend heavily below lateral line), but still beautiful in spawn colors.

Teeth! He intended to shred that Slump Buster!

No, I wasn't making coffee and spilled my half-and-half, that's milt from the male shown above. I've been...initiated. I wonder if it's any coincidence that the rest of the fish of the day were all female? Hmmm.

Stocker holdover, but still a pretty girl. The stockers from Montauk are really high-quality and well-bred. If I have to catch a stocker, those from 'tauk are pretty darn good. This one slammed my bugger at the bottom of a very, very deep pool. I thought it was a Brown for sure during the first minute or two until I saw her. She put up one very impressive fight.

She ate that fly!

A little moss forest that covered a log I rested on for a while. Couldn't help myself but to take a photo.

No idea how it formed, but these ice ribbons were amazing. They were just piled up on a fisherman path streamside. Pretty interesting.

It's winter, but there is still life everywhere on the Current.


  1. Nothing wrong with some beautiful 'Bows now and then. They seemed to be active this time of year.

  2. great pictures and commentary! I like your blog and started following