Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Fishing

I haven't been fishing in weeks (see one reason why here) and I am aching to get out. I have plans to this week, but things seem to keep coming up that need my urgent attention. Patience is a virtue...

One of the major reasons I haven't gotten out is the little girl to the left--this is Amelia. I've been wanting a dog to be a hiking/camping/fishing companion for a long time, and finally committed to finding one. I adopted her 2 weeks ago, and haven't looked back. She was 10 weeks when I got her, and within a day or so found all the rumors about Chocolates were TRUE. She's goofy, exuberant, possibly a little ADHD and a real sweetheart.

I've started training this week, and it's almost an enjoyable "hobby" as fishing. Almost. Dogs like her need "jobs" in life, and while I'm no hunter I still want her to be able to practice field trials and other bird-dog activities. Gotta wear her out somehow!

So instead of venturing out for fish, I've been tending to the constant needs of Amelia. It hasn't been too bad of a compromise--she's already a pretty darn good pup.

I still want to go fishing. Soon.


  1. Congratulations on your new lab. Amelia is a great looking pup. They (labs) are great companions.

  2. What a lovely dog , if you care to visit my blog you will see I have a match for her only a good bit older,,, If you can train your to stay out of the water you are a better man than me..


  3. Yes she is! I'm glad you got your little girl!

  4. She's a beaut, that's for sure! I'm looking forward to some water time with her.

  5. I have owned labs my whole life and have to say that if I had to pick my favorite lab it would have to be chocalate but only because my boyhood lab Buckley was a choc. Labradoes are amazing animals and your new pup is a testament to that.