Friday, October 8, 2010

Technomologimical Oddities

My two best buds that I fish with both have iPhones. I love having
guys on trips with iPhones because that means I have access to Pandora
and good maps in the car. But the text messages (usually related to
fishing) are sometimes...unclear. Here are some recent examples:

CHRIS: "I have your grottoes" trying to tell me I left my waders in his car

RON: "bladders" trying to tell me he cant go fishing because of class

CHRIS: "I see you in cah" trying to tell me...I don't even know what.

CHRIS: "Igbo can come over" trying to tell me he might come over for
beers. I now call him "Igbo."

My wife also sent me one today...she was trying to say "great idea"
but it came out as something too dirty for this non-adult-rated blog.

I love iPhones. I love their messages even more.

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  1. I'm crying and laughing. Another post that will go down in history,