Monday, October 25, 2010

A Lapse in Sanity

The past few weeks, as you know, I haven't posted a letter on fishing (or anything). The reason for that is my lapse back into the land of Barelyatall, spending most of my time in the city of Fishing.

Fishing, Barelyatall is a sad place, and it's one that I hope to leave soon. Before I can go, I have to do more work on the house before winter shuts me down on exterior work.

Just because there isn't any fishing in Fishing (strange, isn't it?) doesn't mean I have been totally unproductive. I've gotten two rods to the guide wrapping stage (ruined one because of a dumbass mistake with epoxy; won't do that again!). Learning to build rods has been very enjoyable...and very humbling. This is the first new pursuit I've undertaken in a long time, and it's a little refreshing and a little stinging to feel what it feels like to make mistakes again while learning something from the start (seasoned mistakes are constant companions, though). I'm glad I started which inexpensive components! I'll try to get some photos up when there's something worth showing.

I'm ready to go to the sister city Fishing that is in the neighbouring country of A Lot. Fishing, A Lot is a much happier city.


  1. Will
    My hat is off to you for taking on rod building, I tried the guide wrapping some years back and it just overtook me, in other words I just didn't have the patience to cope with it. So I commend you for this effort. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I built my first rod last winter...In fact I caught my first salmon with it this year...You are right, it is a humbling pursuit...Best of luck..Looking forward to seeing the final products...

  3. Rod building is addictive. I've built fly rods of graphite, fiberglass, and rewrapped a bamboo rod.

    It adds to the experience when you catch a fish on a rod that you built.

    Good luck!

  4. I think you need to visit the next couple of towns over your way. That would be Catching and just a little farther down stream Releasing!

  5. Wow, thanks everyone for your comment and encouragement. I am having a blast building (and re-building).

    Mel: I love Releasing, partly because the only way to get there is through Catching.

    Fin: You couldn't be more right; just when I think I've hit the wall on frustration or tiredness, I'm right back down to my bench back at it. I cruise blanks when Im on breaks at work and am always thinking about "What next?"

    Pat: That had to be amazing, I'm sure! Do you have a post or two up somewhere on your blog about that rod and catch?

    Bill: What?! This takes patience? Well I'm doomed then for sure bc I have zero of that. Maybe I'll get some in Catching. So far the guide wrapping has been my favorite part; its the glue squeeze out during build that I hate dealing with. Thanks for the encouragement!