Monday, October 4, 2010

Bragging for a Friend

While I was toiling away at work this past Sunday, I received an update via text message from (the evil) Facebook letting me know my friend had uploaded some photos. I looked over these photos and my coworkers watched me smile and turn jealousy-green. I had to brag on his behalf here, especially since the story I demanded from him shortly after I saw the photos is so good. Here are Matt's words (with photos following):

"I had been hunting this big trout for about 30 minutes. He had been biting and snapping at the other fish I had hooked. I floated a small hopper into the riffles, a 5-6 inch trout parr took it, and the the Fat Man immediately struck the Little Boy. I waited about 90 seconds for Fat Man to swallow Little Boy, then fully tightened the line and hung on for dear life. He fought for about 10 minutes. He made two pretty long runs right when I tried to land him. I had to borrow a kid's net because I typically don't carry one...should probably change that next time at Westover. Wicked fun.

The other rainbows were good sizes as well (14-16 inches). Dry flies were the only successful ones yesterday, although scuds apparently work pretty well at Westover. Successful dries were small cracklebacks, 'hoppers, and white midges."

Good job, Matt! I'm sure I'm not the only jealous one--that is a beautiful fish (and a gorgeous Sage/Ross pair-up)! And Go Cards!

Where he went and more information: Westover Farms


  1. Will
    Can more than one person be jealous here? Matt landed some nice looking trout. Usually these private fishing streams are quite expensive, but 50.00 a day is a bargain, to catch trout that size. I didn't notice where this place is?? I was more interested in the price--by the way what job do you have to work on Sunday?

  2. Yeah, I think we can all be jealous--and rightfully so! The place is in Steelville, MO; it's fairly close to one of my favorite haunts on the Current River actually. I've never been, but I may go if I find some money to spend.

    I work in retail as a manager...long, weird hours that ruin weekends but make for great mid-week fishing. ...not ideal, but I'm happy to have a job!

  3. Will I agree ---if you got a job in this economy you are blessed. Fishing during the week is actually better than weekends. I know because that is when I do most of my fishing.

  4. Fishing is DEFINITELY better during the week, though sometimes that means I go solo when I'd rather be going with Chris or Ronnie.

    Besides, it's good practice making the best of things....

    Thanks for your comment Bill, thanks for stopping by!