Monday, September 6, 2010

The Massive Popper

One day prior to today...I cant quite remember which, but it was recent--Chris and I struck out into some high-winds fishing. He was using a TXL 4wt and I had my new-to-me ZXL 3wt.

For the fall I've made it my goal to hunt bass. Not having the right flies, I picked up a huge 1/0 frog popper at Feather Craft the other day. What better time to throw that chicken than on the windiest day of the year?

I was able--to my and Chris' shock--to cast it pretty well and while I didnt get the huge bass attack I hope for, I did get one nice little LM on it. It's definitely time for big flies and big bass...and its only a matter of time before the two meet.

Chris did some serious damage on the 'nator he always dominates with, though. You can read his side of the story on his blog, but the short story is that he caught back-to-back a 15" crappie, a 9" RE and then a smaller RE. Lucky guy!


  1. I'm still impressed that you were able to heave that thing out there on your 3wt. Very impressed.

  2. Chris
    I've got good news for you. The big popper will work a llthe way into frost. I have caught some nice Kentucky Spots in Nov. on the big bug. They will kill that thing as the water temps cool. I had a trip the other day where I was using a med. size popper and landed a nice 18" spot. Some kind of fun on my 4wt. Enjoyed the post. Will be checking back often.