Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Outing with the ZXL (Updated)

This evening I sneaked away for a bit to try out the new (to me) Sage
ZXL 3wt. Chris had asked some guys what reel they'd recommend and the
first response was a Konic 1.5--the reel I've had and been loving. I
can attest that this reel does indeed balance really well with the
8'6" rod.

I arrived out at lake 10 at BWCA just ahead of a long line of severe
storms complete with awesome displays of lightning and distant booms
that seemed to roll toward me from the west and north. I love fishing
ahead of storms since it really seems to excite both bass and BG. This
was shaping up to a perfect evening to put the Sage through the

I hurriedly installed the leader and tippet on my line and topped it
off with what i affectionately refer to as a "fake Briminator." I
assembled the rod, installed the Konic, and literally ran to my

The long rod casts beautifully: both smooth and crisp loading up in
close but with lots of bone to really reach out. I was instantly in
love and could not wait to get into the 3-4 pound bass that populate
the lake! I had a great feeling.

The first hit came quickly, but a little soft. I reeled in the bass--a
3" dink. Oh least they're definitely hitting! The second
fish came a few minutes later--a 2" dink BG. Oh dear.

The wind direction and speed would have been comforting to a lot of
people. It was strong and out of the SW...which would presumable take
the main cell away from me. In reality the wind was the effect of the
storm acting like a vacuum cleaner all around it. The storm and others
like it were headed right my way. Wanting to take down and store the
Sage properly and have a dry drive home, I bugged out.

Two juvenile fish and one very choice rod. All that with a front row
seat to an amazing light show--it was a good night of fishing!

...I am still anxious to get some hoggers on it though.


  1. Excellent! mwah, hah, hah

  2. Hi Will - Congratulations on your new fly fishing toys. Your going to love 'em.

    Btw, thanks so much for adding my blog to your blog links. It means a lot to me. Hopefully, I can send some fly fishing folks your way.