Monday, September 13, 2010

Life Recent

In a dramatic shift from weeks and months past, I have barely fished in the past two weeks. That has been partly due to two broken 3wts and partly due to an unexpected resurgence of a will to work on my house again. So, instead of a Sage in my hands, I've wielded a Wagner paint sprayer. Instead of cutting tippets, I've sliced miles of masking tape. The work goes on...but so does fishing.

I was able to get back out to my friends lake-pond for some Sunday-afternoon water time. Not having my 3wts still, I brought the "boomer" 'glass 8wt out hoping to justify it with some big bass or perhaps even the-fish-which-I-dare-not-name.

I didn't quite justify the 8wt, but had a lot of fun. I even got my buddy to fish the fly rod some, and before it wore his arm out, he managed a few 'gills. I don't think I quite convinced him, but had I had something other than the broomstick, I'm sure he'd be buying into it right now.

I am continuing to read, learn, think and dream about rod building. I have my blank selected and am now in the process of researching and selecting the other components (I'm a hideous perfectionist). While I do that, I've started building a stand for threading guides and whatnot. I got the idea/design from the building book I'm reading, but being the fella that I am, I couldn't leave his design well enough alone.

It'll be made of a nice curly piece of Red Oak and instead of being screwed together, I opted for a stopped dovetail. The hold-down banding pins will be through-dowels with multiple placements to adjust tension. I'll use a traditional green felt in place of the more techy polypro or teflon. Fun, small project that is coming right along and keeping me in the fishing-game without actually having to fish.


  1. Dude, nice job on the wrapping stand! The bass isn't bad either!

  2. I'm always amazed at the things you can build and do. I'm one lucky girl!

    And the house looks great!

  3. Would love to see some pics of the painted house, too!

  4. Hi Will
    I can't think of a better way to cure the fishing blues than to work with a piece of wood. I have my own little wood shop in the basement of our house and when I am not on the water i can be found there. I think the rod building concept would be interesting and rewarding. It would be like tying your own fly and going out and landing a fish on the rod you actually designed and build. Great Post!