Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Blood on the Lami

I have my loved-things on the water and streamers are one of them. I picked up the new Feather-Craft Meat Locker box and it is performing perfectly.

The water was still way high, but falling steadily. In this deep pool, there were fish everywhere it seemed. Every swing of my Meat Whistle got a hit of some degree, several ended with fish in hand. Last fall, I stood on those rocks and look forward to again this summer.

I was very happy to get into at least one Brown, and it was a treat to have it come on the new Lamiglass. I may have enjoyed having Brown on my 'glass a little too much; I'm concocting several new rods because of it.

Ate the fly!

This guy never held still for a decent photo, and finned-off almost immediately after hitting the water. I'm amazed not so much by the strength of Browns, but their stamina. They never give up.


  1. Will
    Beautiful brown, that streamer looks like a Bouface Streamer I used some last year---but I never landed a brown that size with the Bou, great job.

  2. Impressive fish and thanks for sharing your love of streamer fishing. Interesting fly box.

  3. Very nice man. I cant wait to get out. It has been cold and raining for the last several days here. Hopefully in another week or two the trout will be moving. Beautiful brown!

  4. Bill, its a Meat Whistle and definitely very close to a Bouface. I'm anxious to get them into some warmwater ans see what they can do. Big fat streamers are my choice fly so far this season; they proved themselves through the St. Louis winter even in temps down in the teens.

    Mel, it really is an interesting box, and half the price of the Cliff Bugger Barn...and bigger...and lighter. You'd think Im making commission on them the way I'm promoting them, but I'm not! Haha Hope you're doing well and getting some wader-time.

    'Price, Hopefully your waters are as blownout as ours have been in weeks past. Rain is great for stream health and the clouding of the water makes for great big-fish fishing...but a long day in high water sure will wear you out.

    Thanks for the comments, guys; thanks for reading!

  5. I am a fan of Mr. Brown Trout! Nice catches...