Monday, March 28, 2011

From the Smokies

A Hare's Ear about to get dunked in some very high water deep in the Smoky Mountains. I still have stories upon stories--and a few photos--that I haven't shared yet. This is just one of my favorites...simply because of that beautiful 'glass. Anyone who knows me well or fishes with me often knows I'm a huge fan of fiberglass rods. This 7' 3wt Lamiglas did really well on the water, but I wasn't able to blood it there on some Brookies. It really is the perfect small-stream rod, though.

If you haven't tried 'glass lately, please do. (I can build up one very inexpensively if you like; shoot me a message!) While you may not go full-glass like me (well, minus my ZXL), you will almost definitely discover a very useful tool for certain situations. If you're rough on rods, 'glass is immediately perfect for you; these rods are amazingly strong and shatter-proof. Impressive in performance and endurance. Give 'glass a try this season!

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  1. Man Will am I jealous. I have been dying to fish the Smokies for years now. I never seem to be able to. Sucks that you didnt catch anything on the rod. I need to hit a trout stream ASAP.