Thursday, May 5, 2011

Old 'Glass Updates

The H-I #1600 refinish is coming along, but waiting on spar finish. I turned a Fenwick-style grip to do the Struble D-27 and 'glass justice and used chrome double-foot snakers down the line. Thread is "Dark Brown", over which I'll apply a few coats of spar.

Modern wraps, guides and spacing brought this old girl into the present era of rods, but there's still no mistaking it for a wise, old, experienced bit of 'glass.

I may decide to overwrap the steel ferrule. At this point, I'm too busy tying to worry about it.

Next in line for at least a little refurb'ing is this St. Croix Challenger 8'6" 8wt.


  1. Exceptional craftmenship, I am so impressed with how this rod looks. I really like the brown wrapping on the guides and the shape of the handle, because of the grip factor. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 8'6" 8 wt sounds like a good bass rod for kayaking. That's a cool vintage piece.